About the Designer

Nancy's passion for all things involving sewing and fashion started at a very early age. Years were spent crafting clothing for her Cabbage Patch Kids. After sewing her finger at age 9, you would think that her enthusiasm would be curbed. But, a trip to the emergency department, where the machine's needle was extracted using a set of pliers, only delayed the project that was underway when the unfortunate incident occurred.

As the years passed, the doll clothes turned into people clothes. There was many a night spent crafting a new item that had to be ready for the next morning's class. Projects in Home Economics class complete, Nancy acted as the teacher's aide, helping those struggling to complete their assignments.

At the tender age of 18, Nancy ventured off to Montreal, Que. to pursue a diploma in Fashion design. Two years later, and a second needled finger incident, she graduated with honours, and had a whole new set of useful skills under her belt. However, after 5 years of working in the Fashion Industry, it was time to put the sewing passion back into the realm of a hobby; a passion that could be enjoyed.

Turning her sights toward a new career path, Web Design and Development, Nancy once again found her passion for the hobby she had so happily known for so long. Creative outlets are plentiful for Nancy, with new opportunities to do creative works steadily cropping up. Photography and Graphic Design began competing with sewing for the coveted prize of favourite past-time, with home renovations ranking close behind.

Today Nancy attempts to balance a large family, more than a dozen pets, too many hobbies, and full time work. While the jury is still out as to whether she's succeeding all the while maintaining her sanity, Nancy knows that there are two things which are sure: she'll never be bored, and she'll always have something to do when retirement comes...many years from now!